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Blessed by Meredith

We have been blessed all week by spending time with Meredith Andrews. If you listen to Christian radio you have heard her beautiful song “Open Up The Heavens”. She has been very personal with the kids.

Thanks You Meredith by blessing our kids through song and your person.



Fun and the Sun

Sorry for being a little late posting about our Wednesday activities…   I was a little tired last night after our day of fun away from the hotel.   We started the day practicing our recording songs and then took a group picture of everyone at SonPower.    That was our only scheduled event for the day.   The rest of Wednesday was spent at Disney MGM Studios sweating and having fun.    We saw shows and rode rides.  Some of us conquered some fears and gave in to peer pressure all at the same time.      We (well most of us) ended the day watching Fantasmic which is a very cool Laser/Water/Characters/Pyrotechnics show after the sun goes down.     We had fun and were very tired by the time we got home.   


Today we also spent some time in the sun but there wasn’t a theme park anywhere in sight.    After our usual morning rehearsal and worship time with our leaders we headed out on our mission project for the afternoon.   We met the pastor of a new church called Lifeway Church (http://www.lifeway.cc) that was about to hold their VBS and needed help canvasing the local neighborhoods putting flyers on doors.   Needless to say, it was HOT work, but work that couldn’t have been done by the pastor all by himself and he very much appreciated our help.    We are powering up for the evening of rehearsal and worship tonight with Papa Johns and caffeine.  


Tomorrow morning is our recording session.   Pray that we will remember all that we have learned so that the recording process goes smoothly before our attention spans fade out.  

Stay Tuned…

Austin’s Army at work…

This afternoon we donned our Austin’s Army shirts in support of our best friend Austin Clements who couldn’t come on this trip with us since he is preparing to travel to the Mayo Clinic to have surgery to battle his ongoing war with Pancreatis.    We traveled to a Salvation Army complex in Orlando that houses 350 apartments for low to no income individuals.   There we helped out their staff of 4 workers who currently support 2 ten story apartment buildings by doing some cleaning and picking up trash around the whole block that these building take up.    


We had a group wander around singing in the halls and we were willing to act on any maintenance needs that came up.   The only one we received was a call to sort through Mrs. Rodriquez’s pantry and throw out any expired canned goods that we found.  Which sounds simple but she had stored quite a bit in her very small apartment.   We did our best. 


We are about to head to dinner and then return to the hotel for practice and worship this evening.  



Day Three.

Starting the day singing.



We made it … Barely

We made it to our Hotel around 5:00 this afternoon, but not without some excitement. As soon as we got to Orlando one of the people mover’s inner tires blew out going 65 mph. Thankfully they were double tires and the outer tire held. We decided to try to limp it to the hotel which was less than ten miles away. We made it just fine and now the kids have a good story to tell.

Future Juniors (and a tiny senior)20140623-182620-66380549.jpg

Day Two … Florida is BIG!!

Yesterday we touched 4 states over our nine hour trip. Today we woke up in Florida and 8 hours later today we will still be in Florida. Tonight we will check into our hotel and have our kickoff worship concert tonight. Tomorrow starts our rehearsal days and Salvation Army in the afternoon.

Hacky Sack retrieval

Might be fun to ride right here20140623-110347-39827465.jpg

Stay Tuned…

And we are off!!!

We are headed out on our latest adventure as a youth choir on mission for Christ. We are headed to Orlando to attend Lifeway’s SonPower youth choir event. We will be doing music training as one large choir in preparation for making a recording that will be used by choirs all over the world to rehearse with for their own presentations. We will also be involved in daily worship and missions at local Salvation Army locations. Of course we will mix in a dash of fun by visiting a famous mouse that we heard lives in the area. Pray for safe travels as we go and that God will use us for his glory.

Stay tuned…