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We Be Trippin’ (lol punny) 

On the day of June nineteenth 2015, a group of spunky and likeable teenagers made the journey to Pratt, Alabama. The day before, they gathered hygienic products into packages for those in need. A tornado ripped through the small town in the year of 2011. The teens also helped move cinder blocks at a house that is being rebuilt for one of the victims. The next day, the twentieth, the group packed bread and more hygienic products for the victims. After they finished packing, they went to a small church/soup kitchen to sing to the residents of Pratt in need of food. After singing and feeding the people, they distributed the hygiene packs and bread to the ones that came to eat. A few of the girls made friends with two little girls. Some of us Arkansans even learned a new dance! After singing to the Alabamians we made our way to the Atlanta Braves’ stadium. While watching the ball game, most of us even made it to the jumbotron! After the ball game we headed to the hotel. It was eleven thirty by the time anyone made it to their rooms. The next morning, we all piled onto the bus to go to church at Passion City church in Atlanta, Georgia. We listened to a service preached by Louis Giglio. He interviewed Kyle Korver of the Atlanta Hawks about what it was like to be a basketball player while upholding the Lord’s word and staying true to him. Over all, the last three days have been an amazing blessing from God. He does wonderful things and one of them is making the beginning of our trip as smooth and amazing as possible. 

Gracie Coop, Seventh Grade


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