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Day Three – Monday

I hope you enjoyed Gracie’s creative writing post yesterday.   Monday was a busy day of shaking out our traveling legs and having some fun before our rehearsals and work start.   After getting into our rooms after midnight the night before, we woke up and went across the street to Seaworld’s waterpark.  Since we only had to cross the street, we had the park to ourselves and had tiny lines to wait for the rides which was awesome.   It’s an interesting sensation to stand on a platform inside a closed booth only to have the floor suddenly disappear plummeting you down into a very fast water slide (did it twice).   The park filled up as the day went along which lengthened the lines and caused scorched feet on the flaming hot paths (still have bruised and burned feet).  

We returned to the hotel for showers and pizza in the hallway.    

 SonPower kicked off at 7:00 with crazy games involving tying shoes together, finding chewed gum and someone with food stuck in their teeth.   Rehearsal started after that, and I immediately remembered why I love SonPower so much.   If you haven’t heard 1000 teenagers singing their hearts out to God you need to add it to your bucket list (checked off my list).  Blake Lively came next and led us in The Bible  working through 1 Peter.   

Dave capped our day off challenging the youth to get into the word.   His burden for youth is that their generation is not digging into scripture which will have lasting effects on their generations and the next.   We worked through the ‘ifs’ in 1 John chapter one.    The ‘ifs’ showing us that ‘if’ we sin and lie and disappoint and still confess and repent God will purify us from all of those ‘ifs’ (1 John 1:9).  These verses need to be memorized and remembered by this generation to be used in our daily lives.   

Tomorrow we will be rehearsing, worshipping and starting our mission work in the afternoon.   

Stay Tuned ….


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