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Day Five and Six

You get two days in one post today.   Wednesday was a long day of practice and fun.  By the time we got back to the hotel there wasn’t a lot of energy to sit still and write a post.  Our Wednesday started normal with rehearsals,  worship and Bible study.  We have enjoyed Blake Appleby leading us in Bible study, he is speaking truth to these kids and changing lives.  We are celebrating with one of our accepting Christ as her savior.    Mikala Holley’s testimony includes filling out a card in the past but her life never changing.   She says that she now has a genuine understanding of her faith and acceptance.   She celebrated her new life with the rest of us at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.   It was HOT and humid especially after the short downpour at dinner time.  The upsid is that the park cleared out when it rained and we got onto the rides much faster after dinner.    We had a great time and many fears were conquered (roller coasters and dinosaurs).  

Thursday was our second mission day.   After our morning rehearsals and worship we grabbed our sack lunches, lovingly prepared by Miss Sandra’s room, and headed back to Matthews Hope to do whatever we neede to do.   We hoped that we would be needed to work in the air conditioning but it wasn’t what God needed us to do today.  We must have done such a good job working in the garden on Tuesday that they wanted to use our outdoor skills again.  We split up into two groups, grabbed some mowers and trimmers and headed out.   One group mowed five yards of houses that Matthews Hope owed.  They had fun cleaning up and interacting with the Florida native snake community (before they chopped the head off).   The other group headed to the local high school to clean up the baseball stadium where they were holding a benefit game the next night to provide for Matthews  Hope.  After mowing, trimming, raking and sweeping up years worth of sunflower seeds we met up with the other group and headed to dinner.  As we were eating a monsoon erupted above us and we got some exercise running to and from the bus, besides our awesome driver getting as close as he could.  

 Thursday wound down after much needed showers with rehearsal and worship and a late evening dip in the pool for some.  


Tomorrow is our last day.  We start recording first thing in the morning.  Whenever we finish, pray they remember when to breath and how to do their S’s, we will have our last evening of fun. 

Stay Tuned …


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