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Day Four, Tuesday

Tuesday was our first Missions day.   It started and ended with rehearsals and worship.  We are very thankful for Jared Anderson and Blake Appleby leading us in worship and study.  

After lunch we headed to Matthews Hope.  It is a ministry for the homeLess that enables them to train and work to hopefully get themselves back on their feet.   They have a daycare for mothers who need help with kids while they look for work.  They also have shower trailers, pantries and a community garden that helps feed the people.  They also own some houses in the area that they use to provide for people working their way through the program.   Tuesday’s are the day when the ministry is open for homeless to come take showers, eat, and replenish their supplies, both food and necessities.   Part of our group worked on cleaning the outsides of their volunteer trailer, shower trailer and daycare trailer.   The other group worked in the garden, pruning blueberry bushes and turning the compost area.  It was very hot but the kids pushed through and did a great job.   We left and had the best tacos we have ever had (according to Gracie Coop) at Tijuana Flatts restaurant.

It was a long and hot day, we definitely earned our good nights sleep.  

Tomorrow is rehearsal and Animal Kingdom.  

Stay Tuned ….


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