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Day Five and Six

You get two days in one post today.   Wednesday was a long day of practice and fun.  By the time we got back to the hotel there wasn’t a lot of energy to sit still and write a post.  Our Wednesday started normal with rehearsals,  worship and Bible study.  We have enjoyed Blake Appleby leading us in Bible study, he is speaking truth to these kids and changing lives.  We are celebrating with one of our accepting Christ as her savior.    Mikala Holley’s testimony includes filling out a card in the past but her life never changing.   She says that she now has a genuine understanding of her faith and acceptance.   She celebrated her new life with the rest of us at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.   It was HOT and humid especially after the short downpour at dinner time.  The upsid is that the park cleared out when it rained and we got onto the rides much faster after dinner.    We had a great time and many fears were conquered (roller coasters and dinosaurs).  

Thursday was our second mission day.   After our morning rehearsals and worship we grabbed our sack lunches, lovingly prepared by Miss Sandra’s room, and headed back to Matthews Hope to do whatever we neede to do.   We hoped that we would be needed to work in the air conditioning but it wasn’t what God needed us to do today.  We must have done such a good job working in the garden on Tuesday that they wanted to use our outdoor skills again.  We split up into two groups, grabbed some mowers and trimmers and headed out.   One group mowed five yards of houses that Matthews Hope owed.  They had fun cleaning up and interacting with the Florida native snake community (before they chopped the head off).   The other group headed to the local high school to clean up the baseball stadium where they were holding a benefit game the next night to provide for Matthews  Hope.  After mowing, trimming, raking and sweeping up years worth of sunflower seeds we met up with the other group and headed to dinner.  As we were eating a monsoon erupted above us and we got some exercise running to and from the bus, besides our awesome driver getting as close as he could.  

 Thursday wound down after much needed showers with rehearsal and worship and a late evening dip in the pool for some.  


Tomorrow is our last day.  We start recording first thing in the morning.  Whenever we finish, pray they remember when to breath and how to do their S’s, we will have our last evening of fun. 

Stay Tuned …


Day Four, Tuesday

Tuesday was our first Missions day.   It started and ended with rehearsals and worship.  We are very thankful for Jared Anderson and Blake Appleby leading us in worship and study.  

After lunch we headed to Matthews Hope.  It is a ministry for the homeLess that enables them to train and work to hopefully get themselves back on their feet.   They have a daycare for mothers who need help with kids while they look for work.  They also have shower trailers, pantries and a community garden that helps feed the people.  They also own some houses in the area that they use to provide for people working their way through the program.   Tuesday’s are the day when the ministry is open for homeless to come take showers, eat, and replenish their supplies, both food and necessities.   Part of our group worked on cleaning the outsides of their volunteer trailer, shower trailer and daycare trailer.   The other group worked in the garden, pruning blueberry bushes and turning the compost area.  It was very hot but the kids pushed through and did a great job.   We left and had the best tacos we have ever had (according to Gracie Coop) at Tijuana Flatts restaurant.

It was a long and hot day, we definitely earned our good nights sleep.  

Tomorrow is rehearsal and Animal Kingdom.  

Stay Tuned ….

Day Three – Monday

I hope you enjoyed Gracie’s creative writing post yesterday.   Monday was a busy day of shaking out our traveling legs and having some fun before our rehearsals and work start.   After getting into our rooms after midnight the night before, we woke up and went across the street to Seaworld’s waterpark.  Since we only had to cross the street, we had the park to ourselves and had tiny lines to wait for the rides which was awesome.   It’s an interesting sensation to stand on a platform inside a closed booth only to have the floor suddenly disappear plummeting you down into a very fast water slide (did it twice).   The park filled up as the day went along which lengthened the lines and caused scorched feet on the flaming hot paths (still have bruised and burned feet).  

We returned to the hotel for showers and pizza in the hallway.    

 SonPower kicked off at 7:00 with crazy games involving tying shoes together, finding chewed gum and someone with food stuck in their teeth.   Rehearsal started after that, and I immediately remembered why I love SonPower so much.   If you haven’t heard 1000 teenagers singing their hearts out to God you need to add it to your bucket list (checked off my list).  Blake Lively came next and led us in The Bible  working through 1 Peter.   

Dave capped our day off challenging the youth to get into the word.   His burden for youth is that their generation is not digging into scripture which will have lasting effects on their generations and the next.   We worked through the ‘ifs’ in 1 John chapter one.    The ‘ifs’ showing us that ‘if’ we sin and lie and disappoint and still confess and repent God will purify us from all of those ‘ifs’ (1 John 1:9).  These verses need to be memorized and remembered by this generation to be used in our daily lives.   

Tomorrow we will be rehearsing, worshipping and starting our mission work in the afternoon.   

Stay Tuned ….

We Be Trippin’ (lol punny) 

On the day of June nineteenth 2015, a group of spunky and likeable teenagers made the journey to Pratt, Alabama. The day before, they gathered hygienic products into packages for those in need. A tornado ripped through the small town in the year of 2011. The teens also helped move cinder blocks at a house that is being rebuilt for one of the victims. The next day, the twentieth, the group packed bread and more hygienic products for the victims. After they finished packing, they went to a small church/soup kitchen to sing to the residents of Pratt in need of food. After singing and feeding the people, they distributed the hygiene packs and bread to the ones that came to eat. A few of the girls made friends with two little girls. Some of us Arkansans even learned a new dance! After singing to the Alabamians we made our way to the Atlanta Braves’ stadium. While watching the ball game, most of us even made it to the jumbotron! After the ball game we headed to the hotel. It was eleven thirty by the time anyone made it to their rooms. The next morning, we all piled onto the bus to go to church at Passion City church in Atlanta, Georgia. We listened to a service preached by Louis Giglio. He interviewed Kyle Korver of the Atlanta Hawks about what it was like to be a basketball player while upholding the Lord’s word and staying true to him. Over all, the last three days have been an amazing blessing from God. He does wonderful things and one of them is making the beginning of our trip as smooth and amazing as possible. 

Gracie Coop, Seventh Grade

Day one complete!

We started early this morning at 5:00am on our journey to our first stop in Birmingham. We played bus bingo, “who am I” (Michael really know his animals…) and name that tune.    We watched a couple movies.  We napped and snacked and laughed.   We even celebrated Andrew’s 15th birthday at our lunch stop.   

Once in Birmingham, we met Liz and Jay Gordon at our mission stop.  The Christian Service Mission is an active ministry that provides everything from diapers to bikes and food from canned to frozen (we have the chill bumps to prove it).  They have community gardens and even an Aquaponics garden which uses catfish ‘fertilized’ water to grow plants.   They needed our help to fill relief bags that contained hygiene products.   They also help rebuild houses that were demolished by the tornado that came through Birmingham a few years ago.  One of their new houses just finished the cinder block foundation and needed 4 pallets of cinder blocks moved from within the foundation to the street so they can continue framing.   We knocked that out in record time which would have taken the builder a long time on his own.   Some of these kids are beasts!   

We finished they day off by eating and shopping at a local mall.   Bucket List: shop for earrings with three tweenage girls… check it off.  

Tomorrow, we head back to the Christian Service Mission for more work and will also perform at Mount Moriah church before heading to Atlanta for stop number two.     

Stay tuned…

It has begun…

We are off again.   We are loaded and headed to Orlando for a week of worship, singing, missions ….. and FUN!

Prayer for our driver and our sponsors as we guide our crew through the week.  

Our first stop is in Birmingham to meet our friends Jay and Liz Gordon. To minister and work.  

Stay tuned…

Blessed by Meredith

We have been blessed all week by spending time with Meredith Andrews. If you listen to Christian radio you have heard her beautiful song “Open Up The Heavens”. She has been very personal with the kids.

Thanks You Meredith by blessing our kids through song and your person.